a short introduction:

Please bring work clothes with you






Set-up and dismantling helpers for concerts and exhibitions.
Stagehand - is a person who works in the context of touring concerts or other events to set up a stage himself and/or assists the stage technology and the specialists. They are also referred to as set-up helpers, stage helpers or simply hands. The stagehands usually only work locally and are not on tour with an artist, which is why they are also referred to as local crew. It's definitely physical work. You unload trucks, move rollable boxes and help set up sound, light and video equipment. It is not a profession with recognized apprenticeship training.


Helpers for assembling and dismantling stages, enriching the steel struts
Steelhand - In summer we often build big stages. Steelhands work almost exclusively with steel. The substructure of a stage is usually made of layers (steel rods) and wood. The actual stage will later be assembled with cranes. Prior knowledge is a prerequisite for this job; but if you feel like wanting to do this, you can request further training through us.


Driver with knowledge of the city, errands (shopping) for production, transport of people
Runner - for this you need a driver's license and good local knowledge. First and foremost, you will either buy groceries for the accompanying catering company or run errands of all kinds for production. We will provide you with a car. If you also have a P license, you may also be taking tour staff or artists from A to B. In these activities, we differentiate between runners and shuttle drivers.


Stage builder (height worker, scaffolder)
Scaffolders/Climbers - Is the scaffolder in the classic sense. The only difference is that we don't scaffold house facades or bridges, but stages or scaffolding towers are built.


cloakroom help
(cloakroom help): washing the laundry of the production/artist with the washing machine and drying it with the dryer, sometimes also making small repairs: sewing, operating the sewing machine and being able to iron quickly


Help in the kitchen or in the catering area
Kitchen help: It should be said that many artists are on the road with their own catering. The so-called "tour catering" company provides the accompanying staff and the artists with food and drinks. As a catering assistant, you will help set up the equipment, do simple chores in the kitchen, do the dishes and help with the service.


Loading and unloading of trucks, forklift license required
Forklift drivers: Are mainly used in our industry for loading and unloading trucks. They lift heavy cases onto the stage or help set one up. Either you already have a forklift license or you can acquire one from us during further training. You should be in good physical condition, have good hearing and vision, and good eye-hand coordination. It makes sense if you not only work for us as a forklift driver, but also as a hand (explanation, see above). Forklift drivers are rarely used at indoor events.
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